Banana oatmeal pancakesBanana oatmeal pancakes are a perfect mix of sweet and tender flavor and chewy texture. Combined together, mashed bananas and oats give these pancakes a lot of chewiness, and they can be served for breakfast and as a dessert. They will for sure make your tummy happy! Pancakes go well together with nuts, chocolate, and syrups. For this organic delicious oatmeal pancake recipe, you will need a few ingredients that you can play with.
Nutty Chocolate Coconut CakeNutty Chocolate Coconut Cake - perfect dessert option. Each bite melts in your mouth. Try our recipe if you are a real foody and care about the sophisticated taste and texture.
Spirulina-banana ice-cream/smoothie bowlSpirulina-banana smoothie bowl that can be frozen and used as ice-cream. We have come up with a healthy breakfast or snack option that is fully organic and vegan. Perfect banana spirulina bowl for breakfast that gives you energy, not fatigue! Tastes like heaven! Read on