Nutty Chocolate Coconut Cake🥥Ground🥥 •  100 g whole grain biscuits •  50 g vegan butter melted(coconut) •  Macadamia Nuts, Sprouted •  Buckwheat •  Desiccated Coconut •  Sea Salt •  Dates •  Vanilla 🥥 Filling 🥥 •  1 can of coconut milk refrigerated for 24 hours •  2 tbsp powdered coconut sugar •  1/4 cup oat-milk •  100 g raw cacao powder and 100g of chocolate chopped •  Cashews •  Coconut Oil •  Sea Salt •  Vanilla 🥥ganache🥥 •  100 g dark chocolate chopped •  150 ml oat cream or coconut cream hot
Coconut Lime Pie with Shortcrust PastryCoconut Lime Pie. A twist on a traditional American recipe. This lime pie with shortcrust pastry bottom is made even more tropical by adding a coconut element. Lightly sweet and fresh with a subtle coconut undertone. So delicious you can't stop eating it.
Vegan Chocolate Tart with Salted Oats CrustThe perfect holiday treat! Grains, oats, dark chocolate, agave syrup and sea salt combine for a crowd-pleasing, vegan tart for your dessert or celebration. This one will most definitely hit a home run guests, whether they are picky eaters. The flavours are a perfect blend of chocolatey, nutty, sweet and salt.