Nutty Chocolate Coconut Cake🥥Ground🥥 •  100 g whole grain biscuits •  50 g vegan butter melted(coconut) •  Macadamia Nuts, Sprouted •  Buckwheat •  Desiccated Coconut •  Sea Salt •  Dates •  Vanilla 🥥 Filling 🥥 •  1 can of coconut milk refrigerated for 24 hours •  2 tbsp powdered coconut sugar •  1/4 cup oat-milk •  100 g raw cacao powder and 100g of chocolate chopped •  Cashews •  Coconut Oil •  Sea Salt •  Vanilla 🥥ganache🥥 •  100 g dark chocolate chopped •  150 ml oat cream or coconut cream hot
Spirulina-banana ice-cream/smoothie bowlSpirulina-banana smoothie bowl that can be frozen and used as ice-cream 😍🍀🍌🍨 🍌Ingredients🍌: - coconut yogurt -frozen bananas -spirulina from @maya_gold_organic -agave inulin for fiber from @maya_gold_organic -maca powder(optional) from @maya_gold_organic Topping: -chia seeds -goji berries -organic coconut 🥥 syrup from @maya_gold_organic
Home Made Organic GranolaStart your day with this crunchy, satisfying, and surprisingly easy home made organic granola. Because of its low sugar content, This home made organic granola also makes a good snack or dessert topping.