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Chocolate Power Bars with Love

made by @my_life_my_treats
Be sure to check out her amazing account for more recipes and inspiration!
"Are you fond of high quality nutritious foods? Do you love snacking? Are you training a lot and need some pick-me-up energy treats?
Well, I'd answer always yes to those questions above, which led me to try to make my own energy protein bars to help myself and my wallet."


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Maya Gold


Creamy Mashed Carrot

A healthier option to mashed potatoe, avoid the starch that comes with the potatoes!

Organic Banana Oats Cookies

Banana Oats Bread, Bana Oats Cookies...
Call them what you like, it's still healthy and super tasty!

Organic Choco Bowl

A juicy bowl full of sweet and organic happiness!
Perfect for breakfast or for a quick and delicious snack.
It doesn't get easier than this!

Crispy organic coconut waffles with mango

Tasty waffles with fresh mango. These waffles combine the very best of our organic coconut products.