Eco-Friendly Products For All

In a world full of constant trends and self-appointed dieticians it’s hard to know what to believe and go for as a consumer.
So, which products should you go for?

There are more companies these days than ever that are screaming out words like “VEGAN”, “GLUTEN FREE”, “NATURAL”, “ORGANIC” and so on, but do they really show their transparency in the making?

Step 1) You know you’re into organic products. Step 2) It’s very important for you that it also tastes good. Step 3) The prices should be affordable and come with the best quality, am I right?
Keep reading to find out why we are so proud and confident that our products will do your health and your wallet more than good.

To mention three of our labels marked on the containers it’s the following:

1. “VEGAN”
This, as you probably already can tell, assures you that our products does not in any way contain meat, dairy of fish. Even though the word “vegan” is seen all over the web these days, (speaking of trends), it’s a very sustainable and constructive concept for not just the sake of our health but also for our planet.

We assure you, no matter what product you’re ordering, that it’s 100% gluten-free.

3. “NON-GMO”
What exactly does this stand for?
It stands for “Non-genetically Modified Organisms”
Still doesn’t sound familiar?
GMO refers to plants, animals and different types of food whose genetic material has been changed in ways so that you can no longer call it NATURAL. This, of course, is made by humans and when they’re processing that food.
We assure you that our products are NON-GMO.

Where are our plantations?
– You may wonder.
We’re proud to let you know that both Sri Lanka and Indonesia are the two countries where our products are being taken care of before they’re packed into containers.
Several weeks a year we, Maya Gold, travel to visit the plantations and our workers to always maintain a close contact with them on all levels. They’re a huge part of our team and to make sure that our relationship with them works, both ways, is something we value highly.
Not only do we value good and ecological products, but also the understanding of the cultures and mentalities of the local population over there. That’s what we call a sustainable concept for all parts involved.

What’s our intention and vision with our workers in these countries?

– You may wonder as well.
Social commitment is a big part of our way of thinking.
Children in particular is something we especially care the most about.
To give you a clear example: From every sold item, a small percentage goes to Christian orphanages in Sri Lanka and Indonesia. We want to be a part of making the world at least a bit better.
We don’t want the unfortunate lack of resources to affect them negatively regarding education and development in general. Therefor, our objective is to supply orphanages with clothing, educational literature and of course donations as well.

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