Eco-Friendly Products

At Maya Gold Organic we offer a wide range of organic products & ingredients sourced from the best organic farmers around the world. All our farmers refuse to grow genetically modified crops. Instead they farm their lands in sustainable manner without the use of pesticides or herbicides so we can provide you with the best nature has to offer.

We love what we do! For us, there is no compromise in our work, no “if” and “but” – with heart and soul we stand behind our employees and our products. Our goal is to produce absolutely first-class products that meet the highest standards while being sustainable and ecologically safe under conditions that are fair and transparent for all parties involved.

This is possible because our coconut and agave plantations have been nurtured and nurtured in their natural state for several generations.

Direct help where it is really needed

“Fair Trade for Fair Life” is the centrepiece of the social commitment of Maya Gold Trading. Of course, the entire cooperation of the company with producers, suppliers and customers is characterised by fairness, transparency and respect. In addition, we are also committed to volunteering for various aid projects which “make the world a bit better”: directly on the spot, from person to person, through help for self-help.

Fair Trade for the benefit of all

At Maya Gold, we take social responsibility very seriously. This is why we attach great importance to fair trade cooperation with our partners, the small farmers. A friendly, respectful relationship is self-evident for us, just like hygienic working conditions, a positive working environment and the social security of our employees through appropriate wages. We meet people on the same level and cultivate the friendly and joyful contact with our employees on the spot. Only from this worldview we can recommend our premium products with a clear conscience!

Maya Gold Gives back!

Maya Gold Trading especially cares about the children. We have set up charity initiatives in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. We know children are the future and their education takes priority. Maya Gold Trading does not want the lack of resources to have a negative impact on their development and therefore, the objective is to supply orphanages with educational literature, clothing and donations. We look out for minorities within a dominant society. From every item purchased through the Maya Gold a small percentage is set aside for these purposes.

We from Maya Gold travel to Sri Lanka and Indonesia several weeks a year and are in close contact with the people there, we have developed a great understanding of the mentality and culture of the local population, so we know where real help is needed. In order for help to to those who need it there is the Maya Gold Gives Back initiative.

Our motto “We love what we do” also applies to our charitable projects. And we are all the more pleased when this also helps other people.